Welcome to the Vermont Run Club blog. We are going to start off by discussing one of the most critical components of running: what to wear.

For both novice and seasoned runners alike getting out the door is often the hardest part of the sport. It is easy to find an excuse to skip a weekend run and instead go straight to brunch. However, with the advent of “athleisure” clothing, now more than ever it is easy to always be prepared for a workout and to have inspiring gear to keep you motivated.

One company that is dominating the “athleisure” landscape is Lululemon. Spanning from running, yoga and “to and from” clothing, they have taken the concept of fashionable exercise clothing to a level which previously did not exist. Fashion brands across categories are rushing to keep up. Spanx – who are known for being experts in “foundations” and under garments- recently launched their first leggings. The Gap, known for basic everyday wear, has been working to bolster the presence of its athletic brand, Athleta.

Despite some scandalous press in 2013 that the company had distributed sheer yoga pants at around $100 a pair, the company has continued to proposer and continues to be an innovator bridging the gap between loungewear and workout gear.

Besides being a trailblazer within the category of fitness gear, Lululemon has created a modern and consistent consumer experience, which may truly be the key to their success. All aspects of the products (or perhaps it is the brand) have been thoroughly considered. The Lululemon website goes into great detail about the texture of the fabrics used, which is just one of the many ways in which Lululemon sucks you into wanting – or perhaps needing – $100 leggings. Lululemon doesn’t stop at just selling you leggings and a stretchy top either. The “Seawheeze” half marathon is a Lululemon curated race and the perfect event to breakout your next pair of running tights. So, how do their products and gear actually hold up mile for mile? Stay tuned for more Lululemon intel from The VRC.


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